The Musings of a Foolish Dreamer


Apparently bros on 4chan are still talking about me, blaming me for everything from influencing Hasbro’s marketing decisions to a decline in quality in Adventure Time episodes.

OH NO…..

They got me!!

I tried to hide it, but I’m actually an evil witch who secretly manipulates the entire…

           I KNEW it! The truth comes out at last! Just as I suspected!

           ;P Seriously, people like that are so…..messed up. Yamino is ‘responsible’ for a  ‘Decline in quality in Adventure Time episodes’?? Seriously?? Some people, with no lives evidently, really believe this?? Wow. I…don’t even know what to say to that. Other than, get a life, losers. Yeesh. >.>

            I don’t mean to offend fans in general, but I’ve noticed a lot of, but not all, fans for both Adventure Time and….My Little Pony are just….really messed up. These are just cartoons, folks. They’re not worth getting this worked up about. I understand  really liking or loving something, but….I’ve heard of fans just….taking it way too seriously. I’ve never seen or heard anything quite like some of the reactions that I have in regards to certain events around these series. I’ll always find it perplexing.